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The BSCI Audit is a social responsibilityaudit conducted by BSCI for global suppliers of members of the organization.BSCI is the abbreviation of Business Social Compliance Initiative.
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I. What is BSCI?

The BSCI Audit is a social responsibility audit conducted by BSCI for global suppliers of members of the organization. BSCI is the abbreviation of Business Social Compliance Initiative.


? Organization form: membership system
? Factory inspection type: social responsibility audit
? Scope of application: all industries
? Main content: mainly for the review of supplier labor, health and safety and the environment
? For customers: European customers based in Germany
? Acceptance: High recognition. In addition to BSCI members, Wal-Mart/Walmart, Disney/Disney, HomeDepot/Li DeFung/Li & Fung, BB&B, Australia K-Mart, Billabong and other large well-known companies accept BSCI reports.
? Audit results: Grades are classified into A, B, C, D, E, F and zero tolerance

II. What are the benefits of BSCI?

1. Management advantages:

A.Improve management and management systems to increase productivity and thereby increase profits;
B.Improve the relationship between enterprises and employees, fulfill social responsibilities, and build public goodwill;
C.Minimize potential business risks, such as work-related injuries and even deaths, legal proceedings, and lost orders.

2. Business advantage:

A.One certification for different buyers, reducing duplicate audits and saving audit fees;
B.Fulfill customer requirements, stabilize customer cooperation and broaden new markets;
C.Establish international credibility, improve corporate image, and make consumers positive about products.

III. How to apply for BSCI?

1. Application process:
A.Contact an authorized customer for RSP authorization and choose to audit the notary bank;
B.Fill out the BSCI audit application form;
D.Waiting for customer authorization;
E.Waiting for the notary bank to arrange the process;
F.Prepare for review;
G.Formal review;
H.Obtain the account and password to check the BSCI audit results.

2. Precautions:
A. Only BSCI member buyers who hold RSP (audit management rights) can perform RSP authorization for their suppliers;
B. After the BSCI audit is approved, there is no certificate, and the report is the final result. The inquiry report can be found on the BSCI official website: http://www.bsciplatform.org/

IV. BSCI inspection results

BSCI's audit results are divided into five grades: A-excellent; B-good; C-acceptable; D-deficient; E-unacceptable. At present, most of the domestic factories are generally C-class, B-class is rare, and A-class is rare.

grade fraction Claim BSCI report validity period
A 86-100 Outstanding, no need to follow up 2 years
B 71-85 Good, no need to follow up 2 years
C 51-70 Acceptable, need to follow up 1 year, need to review
D 30-50 Insufficient, need to follow up 1 year, need to review
E 0-29 Unacceptable, need to follow up immediately The certification result is not passed and needs to be reviewed.
Termination of cooperation. This level generally does not occur,
only in the case of major missing items, such as prisoners, child labor, etc.

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