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Children's Product WALTEK Solution

Release date:May 25,2020 Source:WALTEK
Children's Product WALTEK Solution
Safety is most important for toys, in order to protect consumer especially children's health and safe.

Toys safety

Safety is most important for toys, in order to protect consumer especially children's health and safe. toys always under the most strict control by every government in this world.


Currently have 70% toys exported from China in the world, how to face the more and more strict regulation is the big challenge for our toys enterpriser.


Related regulation and our services:




Mechanical& physical


Chemical properties





Test for electrical toys

E N62115




ASTM F963 4.25.1~4.25.9

ASTM F963 4.25.10



Other test related to toys


Directive for nickel release

Directive for Cd content

Directive for organic tin

Directive for package

Directive for batteries

Directive for Azo dye

Directive for phthalates


Microbial test USP61&62

Antimicrobial test USP51

Pennsylvania test for stuffed toys

LHAMA for art material

CONEG/TPCH for package

California Proposition 65 for toys


We also can provide relate toys test for Canada hazardous products Act H-3 and Hazardous Products(toys) regulation C.R.C, JFSL&ST2002, Australia AS/NZS ISO8124 and Chinese toys safety standards GB6675.

Children jewelry

As children jewelry became more and more popular, people have gradually found the harm and allergic caused by the jewelry with poor quality. Now, have a lot of countries issued regulations for restrict the content of some specific heavy metal in children jewelry.


Related regulation and our services:

>>> USA:

1. CPSIA—Consumer product safe improvement acting

2. H.R.4428 Acting

3. California proposition 65

4. ASTM F2923

>>> European:

1、Cd content test in appendix XVII of Reach

2、Nickel release test EN1811 &EN12472

Other countries such as China, Japan, Canada also have regulations for children jewelry, we can provide the correspond test service, you can contact us for details.

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