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Lighting Safety Testing Service

Lighting Safety Testing Service

There are two lighting standard systems IEC and ANSI/UL&CSA in lighting safety.
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There are two lighting standard systems IEC and ANSI/UL&CSA in lighting safety. IEC standard is adopted by most of Europe ,Australia, Asia regions, and transfer into EN,AS/NZS,GB etc local or regional standard. The main standard of lighting should be IEC 60598, it can be divided into two parts: 1st part should be common demand and 2nd part is the additional requirement of fixed lamp, portable lamps, light strings, emergency lights etc. The ballast, transformer, device and other lighting control device should follow EN 61347, it can also divided into two parts: 1st part is the general requirement of lighting control device, the 2nd part is the additional requirement for tungsten, fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, neon lights and other electronic or inductance ballast. Energy saving bulbs follow EN 60968. While the LED lighting, LED light source and LED device ect three basic products, they should follow the finished products and components safety standard accordingly. LED module have IEC/EN 62031 in addition, while LED light source have IEC 62560, and EN standard has been transferring accordingly.


There is big difference between north America standard system and IEC(EN,AS/NES,GB) system. UL&CSA standard have different standard according to different items, which become numerous product standards, such as Ul1598, UL153, UL1573, UL1574, UL962, UL1786, UL924, Ul1993, Ul588, Ul935, Ul1029, Ul1012, UL2161 and the CSA demand. The LED follow UL8750 and combined with the practical application of product standards. in north America.


For the lighting used in bathroom, garden etc moist and outdoors place, they need to arrange IP code test. IP code is stand for dust and waterproof code of electrical equipment, the details concept of these two code can refer to IEC/EN 60529. Waltek can also provide IK shell code for mechanical protection safety test in additional.


Waltek can also provide CB、GS、TUV、ENEC、SEMKO、SAA、SABS、UL、CSA、ETL、KC、PSE ect international certification service.

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